A bucket of cues

Peggy Hogan on cues (and classical conditioning!). Great little blog post!

Clicker training horses - Peggy Hogan

I was thinking about a way to describe how a horse might respond to a cue for a behavior that has been taught using clicker training. By cue I mean the specific signal a trainer uses to let the animal know that it’s time to perform a very specific behavior. In the professional world the cue and the quality of response is closely monitored; training plans are geared towards maintaining good cue response. So I think I’ve found an example of a cue and quality of response that most horse owners can relate to. The fun thing is many people have already inadvertently created this powerful cue to which the horse responds enthusiastically.
If you start feeding a bit of sweet feed or something the horse really likes and you put it in a bucket, you KNOW how quickly the horse learns that the bucket is a good thing. Over time…

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